Our operations are safely critical so it is imperative that no-one during working hours is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or solvents or misusing prescription medication.

Anyone under prescription medication should advise their Manager and/or Supervisor before commencing work and check if the medication could impar performance.

Any member of staff with a drug or alcohol dependency problem should seek help voluntarily and report the matter to the Managing Director and/or line manager. Fox Brothers (Lancashire) Limited will support anyone actively obtaining help and all cases will be treated in the strictest confidence. Treatment and rehabilitation will be regarded as sickness. If help is not sought and impaired performance is observed this will result in suspension from work pending further investigations of gross misconduct. If, after further investigations, gross misconduct is confirmed disciplinary action will be taken through dismissal. Any suspected or confirmed illegal activity will be reported to the police.

The use of drugs or alcohol during working hours is strictly forbidden and anyone believing that a colleague is working under the influence of drugs or alcohol should report it to their Supervisor or Manager immediately to prevent the risk of injury.

Random testing will be introduced if there is a suspected issue in this area.

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