Fox Brothers (Lancashire) Limited is committed to providing equality of opportunity to our employees and others affected by our activities, including customers.

As an organisation, we promote equal opportunity through our work and activities and encourage good practice from those we work with. We aim to eliminate any conditions, procedures or individual behaviour that may lead to discrimination, even if there was no intention to discriminate. We recognise and aim to comply with all legislation dealing with discrimination and the promotion of equality, including all relevant codes of practice to support legislation.

Action Plan

  • To monitor recruitment procedures, paying particular attention to the recruitment of ethnic minority groups, disabled persons and women

  • To facilitate access to learning, development and advancement opportunities for those with disabilities whenever possible

  • To provide training opportunities when possible, through other languages, where it is required

  • To monitor our Equal Opportunities Policy in relation to organisational policies and procedures

We value diversity within our company and recognise that all persons have the right to be treated equally regardless of gender, race, disability, religion, age, colour, sexual orientation, marital status or background and we aim to carry out this philosophy at all times.

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