At Fox Brothers, we promote sustainability within the construction industry.

We use our facility to process and recycle waste products into quality, certified aggregates that are routinely tested to comply with British Standards. Our recycling yard facility is run using crushers and our own fleet of plant machinery to sustain high quality aggregates.

By preserving natural resources, recycled aggregates not only improve the sustainability of any project but also help reduce project costs. Providing an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to quarried material, the use of recycled aggregates also reduces the environmental impacts from extracting and processing quarried materials.

All our recycled products are produced in line with our WRAP quality protocol and Quality Manual, which forms part of the overall Environmental Management System for waste operations at our Recycling yard site.

Aggregates that are produced from these waste materials and available for sale includes;

  • 20-5mm Recycled Gravel

  • Recycled Type 1 MOT

  • Recycled 6F2

  • Recycled Grit Sand

  • Reclaimed Topsoil